What is Israeli Folk Dancing??

Taken from "Shall We Dance" written by Ilene Bloch-Levy

“While in other countries folk dancing is fostered, to preserve old rural traditions, Israeli Folk Dancing is a constantly developing art that has created a dynamic of its own. Today, this art form, has been embraced and captured globally...from Japan to South America, across Europe, Canada and the United States, by Jews and Non-Jews alike, who seem to admire the fire and rhythm of this dance form.

In Israel alone, there are more than 300,000 Israelis, who attend Israeli folk dancing sessions on a regular basis.
What characterizes Israeli Folk Dancing is a lively, unbridled spirit, seemingly complete freedom of movement and animated optimism that seems to embrace the dancers. Its lively beat, engaging music, wide variety of steps and rhythm draw you in and no matter how much you learn, there is always more to learn….
You are never bored!”

Israeli Folk Dancing was first introduced in Vancouver, in 1970, as a weekly program, offered by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Vancouver. (JCCGV )
Today, the Vancouver Israeli Folkdance Society (VIFS) along with the co-sponsorship of the JCCGV, provide weekly sessions of Instruction and Open Dance as well as annual workshops and parties!!


 This group is no longer active.